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Things I Want & Things I Have I Know You'll Want | Jodie's Gift List

Things I Want & Things I Have I Know You'll Want | Jodie's Gift List

Things I'd love to find under the tree

Books - always under my tree

Haute Bohemians Greece - I always get coffee table books for Christmas. Nothing more inspiring as a bohemian Greek interior

Cook Like A Pro from the goddess Ina Garten - full of all the classics.

Yves Saint Laurent At Home - the chicest coffee table book. I want this!

Romantics & Classics - a beautiful book

Notes from A Small Kitchen Island - by Debora Robertson. My favourite favourite cook book of the last couple of years

Foodie Bits

Great Anchovies are expensive and I think they make a great stocking filler. These ones are excellent!

Magimix 5200XL (the one worth getting) is the best thing in my kitchen. You need it, you deserve it.

Fortnum & Mason biscuits & tea tea is a cornerstone of my life and a box of the nice stuff with some swanky biscuits makes me happy

Odysea vinegars are so so excellent - particularly the pomegranate and apple. That and some olive oil and it's an instant salad dressing

Nakano Knives - a great knife is always a welcome addition to a kitchen and I really like this Japanese knife brand. If you click this link and use my code THEHOUSEUPSTAIRS you can get 30% off.

Beauty - I've been a makeup artist for 11 years so I feel I have game in this category

Lash Serum - determined to get back on my lash serum routine and have long lashes again

Chanel brushes - the best selection of useful lux eye brushes i've ever seen from a brand - the dual ended ones particularly

Moisturiser this is just the best moisturiser I've used in years.

Sisley Soir de Lune when I'm a grown up lady I'm going to wear this perfume (buying it tonight) Sophisticated and sexy.

Victoria Beckham Lipliner if you're similar colouring to me then head for shade 2 - it's an excellent lip liner

Westman Atelier Cream Blush - about to purchase one this evening after hearing so many rave reviews and it's flattering tones.

Charlotte Tilbury Powder is one of the best out there

Hermes Lipstick - the most special to pull out of your handbag, plus they're refillable. I wear rouge orange - 53 - it's more red than it looks.


Other Desirable Bits

Create Academy - I love these courses and think they'd make an excellent gift

Log carrier - a useful little stocking filler for houses with log burners

Anya Hindmarch makes the best makeup bags and I have one on my wish list.

Pippa Holt Kaftan best dress i bought in 2023 and I wore it endlessly

Kaftan No.119 – PIPPA HOLT

Autry Trainers - so comfy, not obvious.

Autry Medalist Low Women's


The House Upstairs - Got to throw a few of my bits in, my fave gifts from us

Salt Fish & Spoon Rest

Kindling Basket

Black Placemats


In My Dreams, my wildest dreams

Jewellery - anything, ANYTHING from this brand

Vestaire I bought a vintage Chanel tweed bag this year and it brings me daily joy. Tweed is less likely to be fake and you can pin it to the exact season it was from.

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