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Recipe: Very herby chicken kebabs - The House Upstairs

Recipe: Very herby chicken kebabs

During lockdown I started a supper delivery service called Sherwood Suppers in Nottingham. I always knew that people that worked in catering worked hard but lord above it almost killed me and I only did it 2 days a week.

This was one of my best sellers over the summer and had the brainwave to make it this week. It's simple, easy and fresh!

Serves 2

300g of boneless chicken thighs cut into bite sized pieces

Shawarma Seasoning (I buy this at my local South Asian supermarket)

Olive Oil

300ml of greek yoghurt

1 lemon

1 teaspoon of Aromat

100g of baby toms

a couple of handfuls of soft herbs. I use mint, dill and parsley - leaves picked

flat bread (ideally like Turkish ones in photo) but large tortillas if you can't find it

1. marinate the chicken in the Shawarma seasoning and olive oil, salt and pepper ideally in the morning

2. Turn oven on to 200

3. cut toms in half, toss in olive oil and s+p and roast in oven for 15mins

4. I use a cast iron griddle to fry the chicken pieces but you could roast it in the oven if you prefer

5. in a bowl mix the yoghurt with juice of half squeezed lemon and teaspoon of aromat 

6. when the chicken is 98% cooked throw the flat breads on top to steam them warm

7. construct as photos shown

8. fold and eat


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