How to choose fabric for your bespoke upholstered furniture

There's nothing better than choosing fabric to create your own bespoke upholstered furniture. It's unique to you and you can have so much fun with it!

Knowing where to start:

First things first have a look at your room the furniture it's going in and work out what style, colour and pattern you think will work. For example if you have a patterned sofa you might want to do a plain or simple stripe ottoman or vice versa. Try and give yourself a couple of colours to browse otherwise it can be quite overwhelming as there's 10's of 1000's of fabric choices out there!

You also want to consider how hardwearing the fabric is - will it be a heavy use piece of furniture or lightly used and in a guest bedroom? Corduroy, heavyweight cotton, outdoor fabrics and even denim are great options if it's going to have extreme wear. I find prints are more forgiving than plains if you're worried about stains and grubby little fingers.

If you're unsure and need some help just drop Jodie a line at 

Good places to look for fabric is Jane Clayton, Haines Collection and ebay for offcuts.

Don't forget trims, tassels, braid and other details and you can look at Houles, Samuel & Son, Etsy and Jane Clayton for these

Once you have some options you can order samples if available to see how it works in the room.

So after the above you've hopefully fallen in love with a beautiful piece of fabric and placed your order (the quantity you need is in the description of each item).

You can send the fabric directly to us and we will get to work putting it all together for you.