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My Definitive Guide of Nice Things To Do In Marrakech After Going 12 times - The House Upstairs

My Definitive Guide of Nice Things To Do In Marrakech After Going 12 times

….but I still occasionally get lost. Here’s the things I always go back to:


I tend to go on the following circuit each time I’m there (disclaimer: tagine is not my favourite food so I tend to eat ‘internationally’-ish but all of these restaurants also have good Moroccan options)


Grand Le Cafe De La Poste
Located in the very Grand ex colonial post office building, classic french food. Place to drink a g&t on the tiled terrace.
El Fenn
The food is good and the decor is divine, it gets very busy though. Definitely book a table. I very much enjoy the bar snacks with a cocktail
Ling Ling at Mandarin Oriental
By day three you might fancy something different. Dim-sum and a nice wine winelist?
Book ahead and get a table on the roof. I like it at dusk. Not licensed.
Le terrasse des épices
Probably my fave place, it’s more like being in the South of France. It has great rosé and my pick would be for lunch. Absolute vibes. Book!
La Villa des Orangers
A really romantic treat for dinner


It’s overwhelming! Embrace just wondering and getting lost. I think a good place to start for the nice bits is Place Epices and then work out from there. That’s where the excellent raffia and basket stuff is and the good rug stores. I like the rug arcade to the right of Cafe des Epices, I also like Bakers Carpets 2 mins from the square (make sure you go to his separate riad where all the good stuff is.


There are 1000 Riads in Marrakech plus all the resort hotels out in Palmeraie and the bigger 5 stars on the outskirts of the medina. It’s not a large city so everything is achievable on foot or a short car ride. If it’s your first visit I would stay in the souk to get the full experience. I like to stay in a Riad nearish El Fenn as it’s a good place to get dropped off/picked up in taxis plus it means you can totally avoid the main square (awful).
If budget is no option than El Fenn is magic, next tier down in price is Dixneuf La Ksour which is also totally beautiful. If you’re looking for a better priced option I like Riad dar Ayur. Villa des Orangers also gorgeous. If you’d like be out of town Beldi Country Club is magical (quiet though) but a lovely place to do nothing.

Pool Day

Your Riad will probably have a pool but not one where you can properly laze around all day on a comfy sunbed. I like La Mamounia, El Fenn, Beldi Country Club and the Mandarin Oriental for a pool day - the deal often includes lunch. Book ahead.
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