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Cook Every Book | Week 3 | A Modern Way to Eat

Cook Every Book | Week 3 | A Modern Way to Eat

I have maybe 100 cook books and I cook out of 6 of them. My mission this year is to cook out of a different one each week.

I am back after a brief holiday hiatus! I have owned this book for 3 years and yes I have never cooked out of it! So diving in on Wednesday night with a vegan, a veggie and 4 meat eaters for supper I picked the Dhal with Crispy Sweet Potato & Quick Coconut Chutney.

This book feels full of health and nutrition. It’s a veggie book but a lot of the recipes are quite decadent which obviously I love. I’m always keen to broaden my veggie repertoire so I will be re-visiting soon.

The dhal was easy and the coconut milk made it really rich. I didn’t bother with the coconut chutney but instead made a raita to dollop on the top. My sweet potatoes weren’t crispy but the seasoning she directs you to use on them is delicious.

I added some chicken kebabs on the side for the meat eaters and some naan.

RESULT - 8/10 Would for sure make again

Next up……Sky McAlpine Cooking for Friends

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