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Jodie's Gift Guide 2022 | Some of my favourite Cookbooks - The House Upstairs

Jodie's Gift Guide 2022 | Some of my favourite Cookbooks

Maybe a top seven list but I have so many many more

To say I love a cookbook is an understatement. I consume them all hungrily! Here’s some of my favourites that I think would make good gifts.

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A Table For Friends


Author: Skye McAlpine

Type of cuisine: Modern European and utterly delicious. One of my most used books!

Who’s it for: People that love to entertain!

Favourite recipe: Creamy Mustard Leeks with Parmesan

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Author: Nigella Lawson

An oldie but just still so brilliant and timeless!

Type of Cuisine: World cuisine

Who’s it for: Enthusiastic family cooks, really good menu ideas

Favourite Recipe: Chocolate Orange Cake

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Nothing Fancy

Author: Alison Roman

Type of cuisine: A millennial city dwellers take on world cuisine (in a good way)

Who’s it for: Modern cooks who want simple chic food beautifully photographed.

Favourite Recipe: The Chocolate cookies are sublime

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A love of Eating | Tart London

Author: Lucy Carr Ellison & Jemima Jones

Type of cuisine: A cool, fresh fun take on worldwide food from fashion industry caterers

Who’s it for: Modern cooks who still love to feed and please.

Favourite Recipe: The curries

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Author: Diana Henry

Type of cuisine: Worldwide but straightforward

Who’s it for: One of my all time favourites. Easy but interesting food to feed family and friends. Crowd pleasers and recipes you’ll keep coming back to. Lovely writing.

Favourite Recipe: All of it but I love her chicken dishes

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Notes from a Small Kitchen Island

Author: Debora Robertson

Type of cuisine: European

Who’s it for: Really beautiful writing, conversational, crowd pleasing food. Excellent entertaining advice.

Favourite Recipe: The chilli

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Where Cooking Begins

Author: Carla Lalli Music

Type of cuisine: Modern American with European Roots

Who’s it for: A real how to guide. Great for new but enthusiastic cooks. Straight forward but yummy.

Favourite Recipe: The Pasta e Fagioli is excellent

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